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From several 100 years back , elevators were created that are for water driven mechanism.In 18’s new invented elevators were created that for lifting high weight materials.

Depending upon applications now modifications are happening in elevators.


Elevators are convenient way for vertical Transportation in safer mode.Also it saves time and energy efficiently.

It has capacity to bare high weight materials.shortly it acts as carrier for transportation.

In world-wide there are several manufactures for elevators.Depending upon applications they are manipulating features included it.


Top manufacturers of Elevators from Pune

1.Orbitech Elevators.
2.Tower Elevators.
3.Force Technologies.
4.Avicon Elevators pvt ltd.
5.Idea elevators company.
6.Escon elevators.
7.OTIS Elevators co ltd.
8.Escon Elevators.

Types of Elevator

  1. Roped hydraulic elevator.
  2. Prematic vaccum elevator.
  3. Counterweight chain drive elevator.
  4. Traction drive elevator.

Working of elevator

Basic structure of elevator


  • By exerting opposite force it provides balance & stability to lift.
  • lifting load efficiently & saves energy.

2)Electric motor:

  • In previous times Dc motors were using because RPM was easy to control & cheaper but worst torque characteristics hence lots of jerk and poor speed regulation.
  • Now days 3 phase induction are using because of long life and high rigid structure easy to control torque and RPM.

Parameters considering while designing lift

  • No. of people require lift service.
  • Handling capacity of lift.
  • Facilities and services required for it.
  • Calculation of RTT(Round trip time).

Round trip time:

Average time required by each lift.

Also sum of time required in following process:

Handling capacity can be calculated by


Q->Average number of passengers.

P->Total population handled during peak morning.

T->Waiting time.

Switching of an elevator :

One thought on “Elevators

  1. Elevators are an integral part of modern life, revolutionizing vertical transportation and making it more convenient and accessible for people. These mechanical wonders not only save time and effort but also enhance mobility for individuals with disabilities. Elevators have become synonymous with efficiency and convenience in buildings, providing seamless transportation between floors. They have transformed the way we navigate tall structures, making high-rise living and working spaces feasible and practical. From sleek designs to advanced safety features, elevators continue to evolve, ensuring smooth and secure vertical travel. Whether in residential, commercial, or public spaces, elevators have undoubtedly made a significant impact on our daily lives, enabling us to move effortlessly and efficiently within buildings.

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