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Touch Less Elevator New Norms of Life

We at Neudeep Technologies Pvt. Ltd. continue to innovate and as part of our innovations we are happy to announce launch of touchless elevator for your needs. This is part of one of our product series  #IEC1000 (Intelligent Elevator Controller). We are proud to say “made in India” by startup company in Pune, India.

As we continue to navigate with new norms of life during these pandemic times, the vertical transport industry has continued to innovate new products and features. One of such feature is, touch less technology. Touch less technology is especially attractive options in this current pandemic environment. An example of touch less technology is our own product ie touch less elevator. This enables passengers to use their cell phone as their personal elevator call button. This is also sometimes called eCall. This eCall helps minimize use of public access to elevator buttons.

This QR code based touch less elevator/lift can act as destination dispatching system, which can help minimize the number of stops per trip, reduce car crowding and decrease travel times and saves energy.

This QR code based system is ready to integrate with security and community management app for gated premises like MyGate, ApnaComplex and NoBrokerHOOD. Neudeep’s IEC1000 touchless elevator software with mobile app integrated with MyGate, ApnaComplx or NoBrokerHOOD will help residents as well as the management committee in handling gate security for visitors. When integrated with these apps Neudeep’s touchless elevator system will act as access system, where visitors movement will be restricted to their destination floor only.

Below is short video of our invention.

Thank you for watching. If you are looking for such solution to be implemented at your place email your details at